Monday, November 16, 2009

Turkey Vocabulary Quiz!!(:

1. The turkey used _______ to stay alive when the hunter shot at him.

a.) loquaccious
b.) hubris
c.) chicanery
d.) bellicose

2. The sisters were _______ when they found out ones cooking was better than the other.

a,) lugubrioua
b.) incognito
c.) inculcate

3. The hunter was _________ when he missed the turkey.

a.) auspicious
b.) irony
c.) epiphany

4. The shirt he wore to dinner was very ______ and innapropriate.

a.) antebellum
b.) churlish
c.) acumen
d.) chicanery

5. The hunter was ______ in his blind, to hide from the turkey.

a.) incognito
b.) diffedent
c.) hubris

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