Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Journal Spotlights! Cycle 8!

Free write-Brianna's journal spotlight!

Feeling all alone,
like no one wants you around,
telling you that you can't come home.
Sometimes you make mistakes,
that no one will let you redo,
it makes you feel like they don't even care.
"Why won't she listen?"
"Why won't she give you another chance,
to redeem yourself from your horrible mistake?"
That's all that I can think about,
when I'm at school, at someones house.
Nothing can over pass it,
Her voice, when she calls you,
telling you she is sorry,
and feels that I need to be able to tell
her what I really mean by what I said.
Her saying that she has forgiven me,
and then me knowing that everything will be okay,
once she hugs me and tells me she loves me.
My mom forgave me, and we are okay for now,
I make another mistake,
or say something I don't really mean.
Then we are back where we started.

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