Monday, October 26, 2009

Brianna's "Poem" Journal Spotlight!(:

The long flowing manes,

Their hoof beats running across the plains,

with no where to go,

and no worries at all.

Stopping here,

eating there,

smelling for predators in the air,

running and running as free

as can be.

No rules noddy telling them what to do,

foals frolicking and playing.

with moms close by,

never wandering far,

know predators have keen eyes.

When it's bed time across the prairie,

and all the the foals lay down for a nap.

The muscular majestic stallion

is there waiting their back.

You may call horses stinky animals,

but they do what most cannot

They walk together and live as one.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Mr.Franz

Dear Mr. Franz

I think that we should get longer transition periods because some people have to come all the way from building 1 to building 4 and we don't have enough time to get there in five minutes. I think we should at least get ten minutes because that will give us enough time to use the restroom and take care of everything we need to with out being late. If you do this there will be no more tardies because we don't have a reason of being late, and we will not have to rush to get to class and not having time to go to our lockers, a lot of people have to carry all there books with them because they cant go to there lockers in five minutes especially if its on the other side of the school from where they are going. So we would appreciate if you will make the breaks longer them they are.

Boot Camp Bookjacket

My group has just finished reading the book Boot Camp. Boot Camp is about a boy who's parents get him sent off to a boot camp to become more obsequious. The camp was called Lake Harmony. Her they only get moiety of the meals. He makes two friends Pauly and Sarah. Sarah had been there for two and a half years. Pauly had been there for about three. Pauly gets a brilliant idea and inculcates Garrett to go along with it. Of course just like any other place there is drama and acumen boys. There is romance and abusive behavior but it is a wonderful book. All of us would recomend you to read it.

4th Journal Spotlights

Mandy: Satin and lace

It is a choice, satin and lace
perfect poise, full of grace
Your face starts to flush?
what have i done to make you blush?
Lord, I beg of thee speak to me
Your face, from pink to pale
Arm in arm, your hand on the rail
Do you love me?
Do you want to be mine?
Yours I want to be, your kiss so fine
A satin gown, trimmed with lace so divine

Country music is a certain point. When it gets to the bluegrass, square-dancing music, it's not for me. Not only is country music easy to relate to, you can understand the lyrics as easy as 1-2-3. I listen to country music every night while I'm trying to go to sleep. When you get the soothing, relaxing, slow country songs, I'm out in a heart beat. The faster songs put you in a good mood. You can't help but put a smile on your face, especially while you're multitasking.

Friday, October 9, 2009

3rd Journal Spotlights

My name is Tamaray. I did have a time when I thought I was going to die. Here's how it goes.... My mom and dad took a "break", so my mom and us three kids moved to Jeffersonville. One day, my mom had to stop at a gas station before we went to go run errands. The gas station was on a steep hill. Then there was the road, then a creek in front of it (behind cars when they pulled in). Well, my mom put the car in park and had the car running since it was cold outside. My brother was about 5 years old. I was sitting in the front seat and my brother wanted to sit beside me, so he climbed the seat to get to the driver's seat. When he did, he hit the gear into reverse. We started going back. I was 10, I didn't know how to drive a car and I was freaking out. I opened the door and started screaming as loud as I could. It took me 3 times to scream for someone to finally hear me. My mom and this guy came running out. My mom stopped the car while the guy checked my leg and foot to see if they were alright because he saw I was trying to stop the car with my foot. My mom asked what happened and told me it was alright. I don't think I would ever want to relive that moment in my life. ((:

One of the things that I'm most terrified of is that when I'm outside and my neighbor is out there too is me being out there by my self because he already got caught molesting his step daughter and i don't feel comfortable out there by my self, and at night going to bed because my neighbor also tried to break into my house, so I'm just scared that one of these days he will be able to and nobody to know, and my moms ex boyfriend following my mom and still has the house key because he wont give it back, i keep telling my mom that she needs to have the locks changed because its not safe, when i go out side to mow and my mom isn't home i have my little brother or sister come out there and sit because its not safe for me to be out there by my self with him next door because who knows what he will do...

My name is Mandy Armour and the things that make me mad are the lying backstabbing 2faced people in this messed up world. All the drama, all the fights, all the arguing. There are so many things that shouldn't make me mad that do. Some people tell me i have a anger problem or I'm bipolar but i don't know about that. Another thing that makes me mad is when someone just out of the blue is mad at me or gets a attitude with me for no reason and I'm trying to figure out why but all they do is get mean and rude. I really don't like to be put in other peoples drama but yet i always am even if it don't deal with me. And that really ticks me off but i try and cope but my anger shows threw. My slogan is don't get mad get even.


Dear Mr. Wilson,

My name is Brianna and i am writing this with Lacy, Kim, Mandy, and Tamaray.

We would like to express our opinion to you about books being challenged. We pick books every week for lit circle, if you all keep taking our books because of simple things such as, cursing or sexual content, that we see in basically every movie now, we will not have any books to choose from.

I think that in high school kids should be mature enough to read about these things, if they do talk about it, which they do, and if they see it in movies.

If Mrs. Mullins is worried that the content is too strong for us she will give us a parent slip to get signed, or tell us to ask them if they think we shouldn't read it. at that point she will let us choose another book to read, if we need to.

By challenging our books your take away reading time and possibilities, which is what you encourage us to do, how are we suppose to better our education when every book we have gets challenged? Think about it, when you were young would you have wanted such books challenged? We love these books they are so similar to our own lives sometimes, and they help people with situations sometimes, to better them selves.

Please think about what we have wrote to you, and stop challenging all our books. We hope you change your mind!

Brianna, Lacy, Kim, Tamaray, and Mandy.