Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cycle 8's Book Jacket; New Moon

"New Moon" Book Jacket by Lacy Reed

My group and I are finishing up New Moon. Most of my group members have already read it, but we like it so much we don't mind reading it again. New Moon is the sequel to Twilight. You know the vampire movies everyone is obsessing over. New Moon continues Edward Cullen and Bella Swan's story. In this book loquacious Bella becomes lugubrious Bella when Edward leaves her. He believes that she, a human and normal girl, doesn't belong in his messed up world. He feels that he is constantly keeping Bella in danger. She demands that she can't live without him, but he just disappears in seconds. This book is very very emotional. I cried constantly. There is break ups and Jacob, Bella's best friend, suddenly ditches her and acts churlish towards her. Is he trying to protect her from something or does he truly hate her. Bella ends up feeling split. Both Edward and Jacob have moiety of her. What is she to do. Read and find out it is amazing!!

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