Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cycle 11: Poem

Your walking down the hallway,
You see the cutest couple,
He's so sweet,
Jealousy and frustration starts building up inside you,
Be true to yourself eventually he will come along.
You see the bestest of friends,
And you realize they're yours,
You gain confidence,
So therefore you start being true to yourself.
By: Tamaray

Be True to Yourself Poems!(: Cycle 11.

Brianna's Poem-

Open Your Eyes.

Be True to Yourself,

never listen to other peoples hearts,

listen to your own.

Be True to Yourself.

Wear every color in the rainbow in one outfit,

Sleep from 5:00 a.m. to 3

Go to school in sweats,

wear your hair in a knot,

Be True to Yourself.

Date the guy of your dreams,

not your moms.

Drive your hates into the ground,

not your hopes and dreams,

Be True to Yourself.

Be True to Yourself,

Bring your family everywhere,

don't be embarrassed,

As long as you don't care,

what does it matter of any one else does.

Be True to Yourself.

Open Your Eyes.

She Realizes:

As she sits there she realizes

that she hasn't been true

to who she really is

She's become exactly what

she didnt want to become

She realizes she needs

to be who/what she wants

not who/or what everyone else wants

She realizes who she is now

is who she's really not

By: Mandyy Armour

Cycle 11: Poem.

When I met him it was like magic,

Although he didn't know I hated cars and motors I went to the car show with him,

Everything he was saying was over my head,

Things like spark plugs and things like carburetor,

It all sounded like a mess,

I sat bored out of my mind,

Listening to every word.

Two days afterward i called him and said,

" I hated the car show.",

He asked why I lied all i could say was i really liked you,

He came over that evening and told me one thing ill never forget,

Be true to yourself and you will always find happiness.

By: Lacy

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cycle 9 Bookjacket for 'Copper Sun'

Copper Sun Bookjacket

By: Lacy Reed

My group and I have just recently finished reading "Copper Sun". This book is about a African American girl whose village gets attacked and only the children able to work and do manual labor was aloud to live and taken as prisoners. This is amazing but as you well known the slave trade is very lugubrious. You follow your life story up to the point to where she either gets away, dies, or has to be a slave for her entire life. You feel like your actually there through all the horrid things that Amari has to live through. Things that would probably kill most of us. The bellicose slave masters whipping their slaves just because they dropped his drink. Obviously being imported from Africa you wouldn't know very much English so Amari isn't loquacious at all. Ask yourself could you live being constantly jejune? How about the beatings from your masters? The vulgar happenings on the months and months across the sea? Amari was determined to survive. You should read this book because it gives you a whole new perspective on life itself. Or at least it did us.