Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ex-Rating Bookjacket

In the book "Ex-Rating" it is nothing but high school drama. MAds, Holly, and Lina have a website where you can rate your "ex". After you rate them Holly will match them up with a single girl that is right for them. The three girls get hubris about this cause everyone loves there website. There principal Mr. Alvarado and the whole parents comittee did not like the infrastructure of it at all. All the teenagers in their class were very luquacious about the whole thing. Thier whole class had a huge epiphany over the whole ordeal. If you haven't read this book I greatly think you should.

2nd Journal Spotlights

My name is Mandy Armour and I'm going to tell you about what color i would be if i could be a color. The color i would be would be neon yellow because i love neon colors especially neon yellow because its my top favorite neon color. Its very noticeable, and its out there like its flamboyant, I could never get tired of neon yellow.

My name is Tamaray Kurtzweg. I would have to say that the most crowded place I've ever in is Mall of America. Man, every time I go there it seems to be more crowded. My family goes there when we visit our relatives. We bring a huge group of people and strollers with us! I mean when you have four floors fill with over four-hundred stores and an amusement park, who wouldn't want to be there. Plus, you have food courts so you can stay the whole day!

My name is Lacy Reed. I am going to tell you about a time I thought I was going to die....Jessica Shelley and me have been friends for about three years now. Well last year me and her went riding horses. It didn't turn out to good. I was riding a green broke horse that means that she was still learning how to stop and go and yeah all that stuff. So me and jess were riding along and on one of the trails there were two ropes you had to pick up to go under. Jessica was in front of me and as she went to pick up the ropes she dropped one and it had her trapped. See it caught on the the horn of her saddle and she couldn't get off. When she hollered at me for help i was going to get off to get her unstuck and my horse just jumped a good three feet for no reason!!! as she jumped the second rope was still dangling there in the air, so as she jumped the rope caught me by the neck and flipped me off backwards. i blacked out for about five minutes. I had a rope burn all the way across my neck. Jess and me were so sore we didn't go to school the next day. My mom always says im lucky to be alive because that could've easily decapitated me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Letter to the Principal...

Dear Mr. Wilson,

My name is Brianna, and to voice our opinions to you, I also have Lacy, Kim, Tamaray, and Mandy. We would like to first say that we love the new changes, from the free zone in the cafeteria, to the breaks and hat days on Fridays. We know this is only a privilige that you can take away, just the same as you gave it to us. But we firmly believe, with out trying to jeopardize anything we have, we think that we could be abl eto us our phones at locker/bathroom breaks. also, during our breaks that we get for having a good attendence. It is just a privilige that we earned, on our own, but don't we have a say in how we get to use that time? Like I said, we do not want to jeopardize any of our priviliges we already reciee, but would just like to voice our opion to you, and you to consider our ideas. Thank you for your time!

Brianna, Lacy, Kim, Tamaray, and Mandy

What My Mother Doesn't Know!

What My Mother Doesn't Know.

In this book so many things cross your mind, What is she doing? Why did she do that? What was she thinking? But, once you read on, you see her point, and begin to pick sides. Murphy uses chicanery to get what he wants, Sophie falls right into his trap, and falls in love. He is often bellicose against Dillion and everyone who started to make fun of Sophie for her decision to be with him. His auspicious relationship was going great, but Sophie felt that her friends were being churlish toward Murphy, and YES, even Sophie was getting the cold shoulder.

What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know Bookjacket!!

We have recently finished reading "What My Girlfrined Doesn't Know". It is full of insane boyfriend-girlfriend drama and you never wanna stop reading. The chicanery that Tessa trys to pull and how bellicose Sophie gets it keeps you itching to read more. At one point Murphy gets all churlish with Sophie will their relationship be auspicious or will it be over forever.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book Jacket for Killing Britney

Britney was incognito... or was she? Her life is becoming more lugubrious because of her mom and Ricky's death, was it a coincidence or is there a killer on the loose? Did the diffident argument cause Ricky's death or was it the facetious Adam?

Journal Spotlights!!

My name is Brianna Stanhope, my most embarassing moment would be;
One Sunday at church, it was Easter Sunday, the one time i didn't check my skirt t happened. I walked all around the sanctuary, talking to everyone and then i walked up onto the poolpit to talk to my mother. My whole family was there, some of my moms friends from work, and you know my boyfriend just had to be there that day. After walking all around the church in front of everyone, I finally returned to my seat. The lady behind me pecked on my shoulder, and said to me "hun, your skirt is stuck in the top of your panties."
I was stunned, astonished, and totally embarassed. I can't belive this had happen to me, again at that. And to beat it all, i was wearing a short dress, so I had to stand up to fix it, so everyone seen me fix it too!

My name is Kimberly Harsh and i believe the most embarassing moment would be, when i was at work and just got done taking a order and i walked over by the fries station and slipped on some grease and fell right on my butt.i was so embarassed because there was costumers in the lobby and they started laughing, when i saw that there was people in the lobby that i knew my face got so red, and i could not even look them in the face, when i got back up everybody started asking me if i was ok and i said yes but i was still embarassed that i couldnt keep from laughing at myself.

My name is Lacy Reed i am going to tell you about my most embrassing moment ever! Well i am on the 4-H drill team you see and that is where you and your horse and do drills like they would in the civil war only we aren't fighting people. Well anyway i was going to practice one day with my best friend Becky McCoy. She was our captain this year and we won state and nationals woooo!!! When we got to practice my horse Misty was acting mad and aggravating all ready. When we started practicing and learning our new drill, Misty went balistic. She wouldn't go in a straight line for anything. Every horse that passed she tried to bite and kick. Becky's horse passed in front of me because we were doing figure eights and Misty stopped and and did a complete 360 over and over again. It was insane. Most of you proabaly think well this isn't embarassing at all well in the "horse" world your horse reflects on how good of a trainer you are and how much you bond with your horse. So this day Misty made me look bad, but thats ok i love her anyway:)