Monday, November 16, 2009

Cycle 7 journal spotlight

Kimberly Harsh


During thanksgiving all my family gets together and have a big dinner then after we all get done eating we all sing karaoke and have a good time. after everybody gets to my house the house is full and a lot of kids screaming and running around. we have thanksgiving dinner around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. and we usually start cooking around 9 in the morning. we usually have ham, turkey, rolls, dressing,mashed potatoes, and corn, and green beans.

thanksgiving is one of the few days that we all get together and have fun. this is one of my favorite times of the year because we all get together and talk and spend the whole day together.

even though we have a lot of dishes after we all get done eating i still don't mind during them because we just put most of them in the dish washer, and wash the rest by hands.

and if people try to talk during thanksgiving day they pretty much has to scream because we are so loud. most people after they eat they usually take a nap and rest, but we do karaoke and have a good time.

Mandyy Armour


For my Thanksgiving me, my mom, my dad, my mamaw, my aunt , my uncle, my aunt and my papaw get together and we cook and hang out all day and have a family day we do it like every holiday. But we have to get my papaw from a nursing home by Morehead and we have like a turkey, ham, macaroni and a lot more we. And after were all done eating we have a whole lot of random desserts then afterwords there is a lot of dishes to do because my mamaw cooks a lot for thanksgiving =). We all just usually clean up after and then sit around and talk to each other and see what we all been up to. But my aunt Steph and cuzin Destiny don't really talk especially my cousin Destiny she never talks to us and if we buy her stuff she don't say thanks or anything so like all besides her we sit around and catch up on whats up.

Tamaray Kurtzweg


Ohhh man! Where to start? Umm...okay. Well during Thanksgiving Break we clean. Bummer, I know. But on Thanksgiving the work pays off. We have a FEAST. My family has food rolling off the tables! Mashed potatoes, gravy, ham/turkey, corn, bread, sweet potato casserole, green beans, the list goes on! We stuff ourselves til it hurts to breathe! That's one of the reasons why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The other reason is when we are sitting around eating, we all share memories or stories. Let me tell you, my dad brings up the most hilarious moments of his childhood. For once, him and my uncle got into an argument. Well they were outside and my dad gets this "brilliant" idea. He decides to pee on my uncle's cat, Orangey. Well my uncle saw what he was doing so, he ran and pushed the cat out of the way. When he did my dad peed in his ear! It's hilarious when my dad describes him running as fast as his little legs would go, running inside the house behind my grandma, and her having to wash out my uncle's ear! Our family is always laughing at dinners! Anyways, when we are done eating we clear the table and do the dishes. After that, we chill for the day! ((:

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