Monday, November 2, 2009

Journal Spotlightss!!(:

Brianna's Journal, free-write poem.

A Black Night

Rain drops hit the ground,
The starry sky turns to grey,
As the moon fades in the clouds, the air gets colder.
Crisp leaves blow in the howling wind,
As they hit the trees one by one.

A black cat stirs the empty streets,
With intentions of chasing every mouse away.
Crunching every leaf with every quiet step.
Purring along with the wind,
Waiting on the next passing car.

The dark and spooky graveyard, filled with mystery,
Waiting on its next tenant,
Like a curious landlord.

An eager Vampire,
Awaiting its next victim,
To puncture its fangs,
Down deep in their flesh.

Early the next morning,
Dew on the spiky grass,
The sun shinning bright over the horizon,
The rooster crows at the crack of dawn.
It is a Beautiful day,
Until the Night.
Lacy's Journal, free-write poem.
The long flowing manes,
their hoof beats running across the plains.
With no where to go,
and no worries at all.
Stopping here,
eating there,
smelling for predators in the air.
Running and running as free as can be.
No rules, nobody telling them what to do.
Foals frolicking and playing,
with moms close by.
Never wandering far,
knowing predators have keen eyes.
When its bed time across the prairie
and all the foals lay down for a nap,
the muscular majestic stallion is their waiting their back.
You may call horses stinky animals,
but they do what most of us cannot.
They walk together and live as ONE.
Kim's Journal, favorite childhood memory.
my favorite childhood memory is when my mom had my little brother
even though we fight alot i still love him untill death
my mom says that we shouldnt be brothers and sisters because
we fight so much
but thats what everybody does
we may act like we dont love each other but down inside i
dont know what i would do without him..
i was 6 years old when my mom had him and that was the
best day of my life.
i just want him to know even though i may not act like i love him
he is my life because he is my little brother...

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