Friday, October 9, 2009


Dear Mr. Wilson,

My name is Brianna and i am writing this with Lacy, Kim, Mandy, and Tamaray.

We would like to express our opinion to you about books being challenged. We pick books every week for lit circle, if you all keep taking our books because of simple things such as, cursing or sexual content, that we see in basically every movie now, we will not have any books to choose from.

I think that in high school kids should be mature enough to read about these things, if they do talk about it, which they do, and if they see it in movies.

If Mrs. Mullins is worried that the content is too strong for us she will give us a parent slip to get signed, or tell us to ask them if they think we shouldn't read it. at that point she will let us choose another book to read, if we need to.

By challenging our books your take away reading time and possibilities, which is what you encourage us to do, how are we suppose to better our education when every book we have gets challenged? Think about it, when you were young would you have wanted such books challenged? We love these books they are so similar to our own lives sometimes, and they help people with situations sometimes, to better them selves.

Please think about what we have wrote to you, and stop challenging all our books. We hope you change your mind!

Brianna, Lacy, Kim, Tamaray, and Mandy.

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  1. Is this supposed to be your editorial? I'm having trouble assigning it to a cycle, as it is unlabeled and another letter.

    Nice content though! Love it!