Thursday, September 10, 2009

Journal Spotlights!!

My name is Brianna Stanhope, my most embarassing moment would be;
One Sunday at church, it was Easter Sunday, the one time i didn't check my skirt t happened. I walked all around the sanctuary, talking to everyone and then i walked up onto the poolpit to talk to my mother. My whole family was there, some of my moms friends from work, and you know my boyfriend just had to be there that day. After walking all around the church in front of everyone, I finally returned to my seat. The lady behind me pecked on my shoulder, and said to me "hun, your skirt is stuck in the top of your panties."
I was stunned, astonished, and totally embarassed. I can't belive this had happen to me, again at that. And to beat it all, i was wearing a short dress, so I had to stand up to fix it, so everyone seen me fix it too!

My name is Kimberly Harsh and i believe the most embarassing moment would be, when i was at work and just got done taking a order and i walked over by the fries station and slipped on some grease and fell right on my butt.i was so embarassed because there was costumers in the lobby and they started laughing, when i saw that there was people in the lobby that i knew my face got so red, and i could not even look them in the face, when i got back up everybody started asking me if i was ok and i said yes but i was still embarassed that i couldnt keep from laughing at myself.

My name is Lacy Reed i am going to tell you about my most embrassing moment ever! Well i am on the 4-H drill team you see and that is where you and your horse and do drills like they would in the civil war only we aren't fighting people. Well anyway i was going to practice one day with my best friend Becky McCoy. She was our captain this year and we won state and nationals woooo!!! When we got to practice my horse Misty was acting mad and aggravating all ready. When we started practicing and learning our new drill, Misty went balistic. She wouldn't go in a straight line for anything. Every horse that passed she tried to bite and kick. Becky's horse passed in front of me because we were doing figure eights and Misty stopped and and did a complete 360 over and over again. It was insane. Most of you proabaly think well this isn't embarassing at all well in the "horse" world your horse reflects on how good of a trainer you are and how much you bond with your horse. So this day Misty made me look bad, but thats ok i love her anyway:)

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  1. I'm so glad that your names are included on each entry! I just need to say that all three entries cracked me up! You guys are brave for posting it all! Great writing, too!