Thursday, September 24, 2009

2nd Journal Spotlights

My name is Mandy Armour and I'm going to tell you about what color i would be if i could be a color. The color i would be would be neon yellow because i love neon colors especially neon yellow because its my top favorite neon color. Its very noticeable, and its out there like its flamboyant, I could never get tired of neon yellow.

My name is Tamaray Kurtzweg. I would have to say that the most crowded place I've ever in is Mall of America. Man, every time I go there it seems to be more crowded. My family goes there when we visit our relatives. We bring a huge group of people and strollers with us! I mean when you have four floors fill with over four-hundred stores and an amusement park, who wouldn't want to be there. Plus, you have food courts so you can stay the whole day!

My name is Lacy Reed. I am going to tell you about a time I thought I was going to die....Jessica Shelley and me have been friends for about three years now. Well last year me and her went riding horses. It didn't turn out to good. I was riding a green broke horse that means that she was still learning how to stop and go and yeah all that stuff. So me and jess were riding along and on one of the trails there were two ropes you had to pick up to go under. Jessica was in front of me and as she went to pick up the ropes she dropped one and it had her trapped. See it caught on the the horn of her saddle and she couldn't get off. When she hollered at me for help i was going to get off to get her unstuck and my horse just jumped a good three feet for no reason!!! as she jumped the second rope was still dangling there in the air, so as she jumped the rope caught me by the neck and flipped me off backwards. i blacked out for about five minutes. I had a rope burn all the way across my neck. Jess and me were so sore we didn't go to school the next day. My mom always says im lucky to be alive because that could've easily decapitated me.

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