Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be True to Yourself Poems!(: Cycle 11.

Brianna's Poem-

Open Your Eyes.

Be True to Yourself,

never listen to other peoples hearts,

listen to your own.

Be True to Yourself.

Wear every color in the rainbow in one outfit,

Sleep from 5:00 a.m. to 3

Go to school in sweats,

wear your hair in a knot,

Be True to Yourself.

Date the guy of your dreams,

not your moms.

Drive your hates into the ground,

not your hopes and dreams,

Be True to Yourself.

Be True to Yourself,

Bring your family everywhere,

don't be embarrassed,

As long as you don't care,

what does it matter of any one else does.

Be True to Yourself.

Open Your Eyes.

She Realizes:

As she sits there she realizes

that she hasn't been true

to who she really is

She's become exactly what

she didnt want to become

She realizes she needs

to be who/what she wants

not who/or what everyone else wants

She realizes who she is now

is who she's really not

By: Mandyy Armour

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